Self-directing individuals

“self-directing individuals are those who are capable both of carrying on their education and of learning for themselves without the cumbersome apparatus of educational institutions”

“It has been asserted that creating ‘self-directed learners’ will improve quality of life, because self-directed learners must inevitably become more self-determining citizens”

(Candy, 1991)


First Month @ UOA

Hi everyone!

I’ll be giving you a glimpse into my research and my PhD journey at UOA. So far I am really enjoying every bit of it. UOA has been very helpful from day one. The weather is awesome and so is the city.

Currently, I am attending workshops and reading papers related to my subject “Mobile Social Media Learning Technologies”.

Please feel free to give your feedback.

Looking forward to a wonderful 3 year journey.

Warm regards,

Farhat Jehan